1000 HANDS –


Our Project 1000 Hände – gelebte Verbundenheit (1000 hands – interconnection in action) offers work for people with little chance of employment, such as ex-inmates, people with disabilities, homeless people, people who struggle with mental illnesses and drug- or alcohol addiction (after rehabilitation). 



Simple, hands-on tasks serve as a way to re-enter a regular daily structure. This kind of framework, as we all know, serves as an anchor, as the solid ground necessary for our lives. To create something with our own hands, this embodied experience, plays a crucial role. In our case it will be the production of sweet baked goods, various foods and condiments and, subsequently, bread. 

This kind of work requires little prior knowledge in the beginning and is easy to learn. In a broader sense, we also explore the question of what feeds us and what feeds our hearts and minds! 

In this process of integration or reintegration into a structured everyday life, our workers are accompanied by volunteers who want to deepen their contemplative structure through sharing it with others.  


is welcome
& appreciated.

Our vision is to create a space for contemplative, spiritual care, a place where everyone can be seen for who they are, without judgment or prejudice. This space is the foundation up which change can be made visible. 

In order to ensure a smooth and easy start for the project, production will start in a rented catering kitchen in the first phase. We will produce food as wholesalers for catering companies and retail, and will also sell our products directly via our online shop. The initial range of products include various international baked goods and other foods of high organic quality, which will be sold directly to trading partners, such as health food stores, restaurants, small cafes, and made available online. 

The first few donations have trickled in already. Please donate too so that we can realize our project, in the current phase and the ones to come! 

Further steps we plan will be of a dialogue platform, our very own building with accomodation for our employees, a bakery and café as well as integrated training opportunities for our contemplative care chaplains. Right now, we’re preparting the above-descriped baking production as wholesalers.  

Due to the corona crisis and the resulting social consequences, this project is more important than ever! Help us make it happen!