Andreas Hagn, Zen priest, chaplain and entrepreneur, has gained a lot of expertise in various entrepreneurial projects, including putting his Buddhist practice into action through volunteer work in recent years. This variety of experiences, paired with his passion for bread, cakes and biscuits, is the cornerstone of 1000 Hände.

Susanne Halbeisen, Zen practitioner, chaplain and Qigong teacher, has also gained a lot of experience in voluntary social work, for example in prisons and refugee aid.


Sabine Hagn, Zen practitioner and entrepreneur, loves to create things with her hands – which includes, of course, baked goods. 

Dominik Winter, Zen practitioner and chaplain in training. 

Beatrix Teichmann-Wirth, a Zen practitioner and psychologist who specializes in body therapy and trauma therapy, supports the project.

Lea Rosa Hagn studies psychology and, despite her young age, has already gained a lot of experience in voluntary social work such as caring for homeless people. 

Martin Lampert, our specialist for all things IT, finances and research.