What “Dialogue” means

Contrary to popular belief, the literal meaning of “dialogue” is not a conversation between two people, but originally goes back to the Greek word “dia-logos”, “through the word”. Any number of people can take part in a dialogue. The aim is not to convince the other of one’s own opinion. Figuratively speaking, to be in dialogue is to flow together.

We have made it our task to promote dialogue in all facets of life. Individuals and groups can learn how to create a dialogue in our seminar program Verbundenheitspraxis.  For a larger audience, we offer regular lecture events called Dialogplattform.

Our Events


The importance of contemplative practice and spirituality is under-represented in our society. In our Dialogplattform events, we invite scientists and experts from various fields to discuss how we can bring these topics back into awareness. During Q&A sessions, everyone is invited to take part in this dialogue.

The topic is interconnectedness, always.

In 2020, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Berg (microbiologist, TU Graz), Dr. Beatrix Teichmann-Wirth (psychotherapist, specialized in trauma work) und Shinko Andreas Hagn (Zen priest) discussed Interconnectedness and the Microbiome.

Upcoming Dialogplattform Events

Fall 2024: Interconnectedness, Spirituality, and Quantenphysik (more info coming soon)


As the name suggests, our seminar program Verbundenheitspraxis is a practical approach. In addition, we offer introductory workshops, with lectures about interconnectedness and a series of short group exercises. Interested? Contact us via e-mail.