Housing Project
“Die Freyung”

Loneliness and isolation are on the rise in our society. We want to counteract this phenomenon by creating a place where people can live, work and practice contemplation together. No matter where you come from or where you go – there’s a place for you here.

“Verbundenheitspraxis” Seminar Program

In our training course, we learn how to experience mutual connectedness. We deepen our understanding and our compassion for others and learn how to reflect communication processes in everyday life.

Counseling and Chaplaincy

We care for ourselves and others: family, friends, neighbours and people who are having a hard time in life.

Contemplative Care

Caring for others, as a kind of practice, based on contemplation – that’s what “Contemplative Care” is about. We translated the standard reference work, “The Arts of Contemplative Care”, into German. Supporting the future development of Buddhist Chaplaincy in German-speaking countries is a great concern to us.

Dialogue: Lectures and Workshops

We present our findings in lectures at conferences. During semi-annual events called “Dialog-Foren”, we invite speakers from both scientific and spiritual fields to come together and discuss interconnectedness.

Join and Donate

Would you like to offer your ressources, experience, knowledge? Would you like to add your own two hands to the thousands?

Everybody is welcome and appreciated.