Housing Project “Die Freyung”

Humans are social beings; in order to survive, we need to build communities. In earlier times, we found a place in village communities, extended families, guilds and religious communities. Nowadays, isolation and loneliness are on the rise. People feel overwhelmed and slip into burn-out. At the same time, many are looking for new ways of living together.

With our housing project “Die Freyung” in the lower Waldviertel, we aim at creating a place where these needs are met. A place where we can take care of ourselves and others.

We offer affordable living space for rent, for parents, singles, couples, elderly and/or physically impaired people who need care, international interns – in short: everyone who wants to live communally. We cook together, look after children and pets, take care of sick neighbors.

We simply take care of each other.

The project also includes a seminar room and a guest house for short-term residents. In construction phase 2, a hotel and a restaurant will be added.